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Anti Bullying Slogans: Quick Call To Action Against Violence

anti bullying slogan
Anti Bullying Sign


Sloganeering, the act of influencing desired action or trying to persuade people’s conversion to a certain belief, is an effective way to communicate directly and powerfully. Anti bullying slogans are a perfect example of this compelling form of communication. They move people to think that violence, in its various forms, is evil and that respect for others is vital in a world where people need to co-exist. Everyone is a stakeholder in the fight against bullying. Anti bullying slogans serve to keep everyone informed, alerted, and alarmed about the growing social malaise of bullying. The call to action serves the desired end of creating a concerted and collective campaign to end violence.


anti bullying slogan
Put a STOP to bullies!

Bullying comes in as many forms as there are potential victims. Of late, cyber bullying incidents that have led to victim suicide has hogged headlines across the globe. Bullies are considered psychological misfits that exhibit a unique form of social dysfunction. Bullying also comes in varying degrees. The effect on victims, however, is at a singularly extreme level. Each act of bullying makes any victim suffer and the bully even worse. The act simply destroys all participants. It is now compulsory for witnesses to do something to end this act of violence that often degenerates into a behavioral cycle.


Bullying entails aggressive behavior and harsh methods. A passive means of communication to combat the drastic effects of bullying will certainly not be effective. Influencing popular thought and harnessing collective effort to end bullying need dynamic counter-efforts.  Anti bullying slogans are some of the most compelling ways to call attention and spur people to action. They are aggressive enough to combat what is apparently aggressive in nature.


Bullying also entails the concept of power. More specifically, it is plainly about the creation of imbalance in power. A bully seeks to control power over the victim. Communication that can address this notion effectively also needs the element of power. Anti bullying slogans urge people and empower them to stop being mere bystanders, witnesses, and kibitzers when confronted with bullying scenarios.


Over the long haul, anti bullying slogans serve not only to deter the actions of bullies and support the cause of victims but also to awaken the common people’s sensitivities towards helping eradicate the social malady of bullying. As an effective method of communication, these slogans are a call to immediate action. After all, communication serves not only to inform and educate but also to agitate.